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01/03/2017 - 13:05

Earth Fleet
The Earth Alliance has announced the mobilization of all the Lords to fight against the new threat!
The sectarians, which were mainly underground terrorist activities so far, just declared a global war to the Earth Alliance, and are threatening to exterminate all the Lords and to colonize the Oort Cloud!
Congratulations Lord, you have been admitted to join us in the United Space Fleet! We resist the aliens who desperately try to penetrate the center of the solar system and the new threat from the sectarians. With their leader, they started attacking the remotest corners of the Oort Cloud and are ready to exterminate all the Lords. They have odd believes, they don't think that Runes are ancient technology but a "divine message", they worship and pray them. They call "heretics" Lords who activate Runes, which lead to their destruction and are ready to kill for this crime.
The Lords with the most powerful fleet have been reunited and the Earth Alliance announced the mobilization of all the Lords to fight the new threat!
Lords whom Captains have not reaches level 50 sent to the Fleet Academy to train and to participate in combat operations. Every three days, the fleet will pay your wage.
Lords with Captains level 50 will start to move to the higher ranks of the fleet, carrying out complex tasks and leading defensive and offensive operations.
Lords of the higher ranks receive Deuterium, Tritium and unique improvements. More details to come!

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