IDC/Games Zula Qualifier Tournament - Brackets and Participants

03/09/2018 - 16:00


Hello everyone!

As this tournament is celebrated in order to find 8 new teams to participate in the ZIC Qualifier, the next teams will not be able to participate: Izako Boars, InspireD, SuperSaiyans, Ad Astra, Panteri and Skaikru. There are some teams that will not be able to participate because their member's names were written wrongly.

Clicking here you can see the tournament bracket and the matches that will take place.

IMPORTANT: the teams will have to upload the MOSS files and the screenshots with the result here.

IMPORTANT: players must be on time in the server and never leave if they reach the next round.

IMPORTANT: you can check the rules in this post.

IMPORTANT: matches will be played on eSports Arena Server.

Good luck!

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